Monday, April 26, 2010

June 1987

Surprise! This was gross! I get the idea of what was supposed to happen, the butter and boullion were supposed to slowly cook and seep into the fibers of the onion to flavor it, not a bad idea in theory. The recipe of course never explicitly said how long to cook it. I let it sit in the oven for about an hour, and it was pretty tender when I pulled it out, but the buttery boullion hadn't really done its job, so I ended up with a pretty bland cooked onion with an INTENSE flavor explosion in the middle. so intense that it was inedible. I cut the whole thing up with a knife and fork and smeared it all around the plate, mixing the flavoring with the onion. After I did that, it wasn't too bad, just a kind of chicken-flavored onion. I would not eat this again.
here's how it came out.

I guess they don't make Oreos like they used to because I couldn't get them to separate and leave all the cream on one side, it was pretty equally split onto both sides for each one I tried (5 of them), but whatever. The cherry/coconut side tasted very much like a wedding cake. Not a birthday cake, but a slightly fancier, grown-upper wedding cake. It was okay. The peanut butter side was fucking excellent! The donut sprinkles were kind of just for show, as they didn't add to the flavor or texture at all, but overall these cookie things were pretty good.
 let's make some OREOS ALAMODE

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  1. Hi, I'm Andre, I sent in the Dead Skull recipe.

    We used to make those in Cub Scouts and I sent in a few other campfire recipes renamed as something gruesome, but I think that was the only one that made it in.

    Yeah, it was pretty terrible. My wife saw this scan and said she thought the Oreo Alamode sounded much better.

    Thanks for scanning it!