Monday, April 19, 2010

December 1986

I listened to both Tammy Wynette and The Ramones while cooking these.

This hardly counts as a "recipe", it's just cut up hot dogs with some sauce dumped on them. However, I've been to Tulsa, OK and I can understand how someone there might consider this to be good. What else are you gonna do with Lost Lake beer besides pour it on hot dogs?
ingredients for BUCKY'S WEENIES
 adding a little Pabst while they cook...
 the finished product.

I dunno if you read those ingredients right, but it calls for a HALF A POUND of M&Ms. That is a lot of M&Ms. This recipe made 5 pancakes, all with WAY too much chocolate in them. I put chocolate syrup on them be cause I am, indeed, that kind of person. It was just too much chocolate, I couldn't even finish two of them. This was a nightmare to clean up.
this is all you need for BROWN BLOOD SLAMCAKES
 a chocolate holocaust.

I'm guessing that Chef Boy-Am-I-Hungry is a few years older than me, and therefore was probably a little too old to get down on Return of the Jedi, for had he been a fan, he would've most certainly called ths recipe Bib Tortuna (at least he should have) but anyway, I wouldn't really consider this to be an actual "recipe", but I went ahead and made it anyway. This is just tuna salad in a flour tortilla, something every stoned kid has come up with on their own since probably 1975. It works, it's not bad. They probably sell this at McDonalds as a "fresh wrap sandwich" or some shit.
 ingredients for TORTUNA
tuna salad
a "ready-to-eat" TORTUNA.

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