Thursday, April 22, 2010

February 1987

That was a pretty cool apocalypse mad-max skate rider story. Did you ever see the movie A Boy And His Dog? It's from the late 70's, a post-apocalyptic story about a dude (pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson, to be exact) who scavenges the nuclear winter wasteland, looking for food. The movie has an INCREDIBLE twist ending that will totally blow your mind.

The NITRO EGG did not blow my mind. Like always, the instructions weren't very specific so I ended up putting way too many vegetables in it. It was supposed to fold over like an omlette but there wasn't enough egg to keep it together so it just became this big lumpy gross mess. However, it tasted great. Any time you mix chili, cheese and eggs, it's gonna be good, no matter what. This certainly wasn't the worst material I've ever skarfed.
ingredients for NITRO EGG
here's how it came out.

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  1. I think you should definitely send in for that Skarfing Material t-shirt. I wonder if any of them still exist? If anyone deserves to own one, surely that man is you.