Monday, May 10, 2010

September 1985

I grew up in Chester, VA, about 2 hours away from Virginia Beach. When I was a Thrasher-aged kid, I would occasionally get to go visit Mt. Trashmore, the giant skatepark built on a mountain of garbage. I could only imagine that is why this episode of Skarfing Material has Chef Boy-Am-I-Hungry in Virginia Beach. There's no other reason I could imagine wanting to go there (The last time I went, I got carjacked by a crackhead, for real).. and I can certainly see the police there not being too cool. If you want a good picture of the place he's talking about, dig out your copy of Future Primitive and watch the Trashmore segment. I'm glad I don't live in Virginia anymore.
They say that a turd with glitter sprinkled on it is still a turd, and I'm going to add that a smore with sunflower kernels sprinkled on it is still a smore. Call it a crap sandwich if you like, but it's juust a goddamned smore with peanut butter and sunflower kernels. What's the deal with the sunflower kernels, anyway? They added no flavor or texture to the dish. But yeah, it's just a smore.
ingredients for CRAP SANDWICHES
about to put the lids on..


  1. Everything about this blog makes me absurdly happy. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey, this is Pig (Duane). I grew up skating in Chester too (late 80’s/early 90’s). There weren’t too many of us. Who are you? Let’s go skate! Contact me at