Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's do this!!!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure this will be the only blog in the whole world that takes equal parts inspiration from Thrasher Magazine issues of the mid-80's, and that horrible Julie and Julia movie. The idea is simple, if you were a fan of Thrasher in the 80's, you undoubtedly came across the Skarfing Material column, which usually was one page long with a weird story or something, followed by "skater food" recipes, which were always really disgusting. The column was written by "Chef Boy-Am-I-Hungry", which I believe was a pseudonym for Mofo, the guy that did a lot of the work on the mag in those days.
I work in a video store, and when the movie Julie and Julia came out, I watched it, because that's what I do at the video store, watch shitty movies. Around that same time, I found a couple of old issues of Thrasher in a box of junk, I flipped though, remembered Skarfing Material, and it all hit me...

I'm going to make every Skarfing Material recipe, and write a blog about it.

Let's do this.


  1. I already did all of them recipes. and yer photos look WAY better than what the original dishes looked like.

  2. this is a great idea. i've spent years hoping to come across some Skarfing Material that goes by the name of "Uncle Jim and Cousin Matt's Mexico Up Your Butt European Style Patties". at least that's what i remember it was called - some 25+ years later. it's the first dish i recall preparing and even tho i no longer skate i've been cooking ever since.

  3. The only one I ever actually remembered was one called "Skater Toe-Jam Sandwich", but for the life of me I can't remember waht month/year it was in... 87-89 is all I know.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to create a very worthwhile blog. Chef Boy-Am-I-Hungry was totally underrated as a writer, and hopefully this will attract a whole new audience to his wonderful concoctions.

  5. My new favorite blog ever. I haven't gone through the archives yet, but I'm looking forward to Imitation Food and Blender Recipes.